Friday, July 22, 2011

Etsy Teams

For the past few months, has been making changes to their site, such as changing the central into "Teams" for you to join. At first, I wondered how is the teams gonna benefit me? Are they gonna bring more people to my store? Will I be noticed? Will my prescence as an Etsian even be acknowledged. There's alot of teams on Etsy and when I say alot I mean alot. I'm talkin' thousands. So I decided, alright, I'll join a team. So I intended on joining ONE team and I ended up in TWENTY-ONE teams. Here's SOME of the teams I'm a proud member of:

-Custom Order Corner : The New Alchemy
-Etsy Blog Team
-Etsy Props
-Etsy Teens and Young Adults

The benefits of being a part of an Etsy is that you can pick choose what you want to see. Another benefit is that you do get more exposure based on the teams standards. All in all, if you're an Etsian and you're not in a team, JOIN ONE (click on this blog post's link). And if you're not an Etsian, JOIN ETSY!

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