About Chavayla

Hi, my name is Chavayla (pronounced Sha-Vay-La). I'm 16 and I live in Charlotte,NC. Aside from maintaining a 5.0 GPA and being Vice President of my school's Executive Class Council and Creative Editor of the Yearbook Committee, I also partake in making jewelry and accessories. I started making jewelry when I seven years old. My main inspiration for creating jewelry and accessories, has always been my mom. As a child, I would sit and watch my mom create different pieces, and I always wanted to dig into it myself. The first piece I ever made was made with colored pony beads from the craft section in Wal-Mart. As I grew older, my mom taught me the in's and out of beading, from how to put a toggle clasp on a bracelet, to how crimp a crimp bead. In my shop, you will find pieces that have flourished from my deep rooting in the art of jewelry making. Like in my schoolwork, I put alot of effort into my jewelry and I hope you enjoy it.