Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Great Blog Post from VerreDesign

"Life is like a pyramid. It is made of different layers, or degrees, reflecting every aspect of your life.

At the base of the pyramid are "things", the material stuff surrounding you: in your home, your car, your office. Ever noticed how sometimes a small thing like getting files organized or getting rid of the clutter on the floor suddenly gave you energy? Maybe it even seemed to make another area of your life better?

We don’t have to perfectly organize everything to simplify our life. We can simply start at one place and feel the energy it gives us.

Here are some ideas to help you achieve this:)

First idea: Uncluttered Your Workplace

Using the Eisenhower method, use a desk, table (not your work desk!) or even the floor and separate the area in four zones.

Working clockwise, you will now go at every single piece of paper that sits on your work desk until there is none left (!) and place it in one of the following zones.

First Zone: The Bin
This is your “throw out – recycle rubbish” area. Everything that can be thrown out you put there, like: old newspapers, catalogs, magazines, envelopes, papers you thought you might use but never since you printed them 3 months ago... Getting rid of old stuff makes place for new one.

Second Zone: Hand Down
Maybe the fact you hate delegating is the reason why your desk is such a mess! Sure, you are a pro when it comes to resolve quickly these little uncomplicated things... but they may eventually keep you from doing bigger and funnier stuff! So get people involved!

Third Zone: Important
Keep in mind this pile should be kept pretty small. It includes everything you have to do yourself in the upcoming days of weeks. For that, you should have a good idea of what this document will be in the next stage.

Fourth Zone: Without Delay
You put in that zone everything you can handle right now, while you are still uncluttered! You can either get them done over the phone (put in third pile if there is no answer), by fax/e-mail or by filing the document right away.

The Eisenhower method works wonder as long as you respect these simple rules:
. No “intermediate” piles!
. Each piece of paper can only be touched once!
. Don’t allow yourself Fifth, Sixth... Zones!

Hey, you can now see your desk again!!! Congratulations! Isn’t that wonderful? Don’t you feel free and less stressed?"

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