Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baking Adventure: Dark Chocolate Brownies with White Chocolate Chips

Hello everyone!

 On Tuesday evening about 7pm, I had this sudden craving for brownies.  My dad bought two boxes of Dark Chocolate Duncan Hines Brownie Mix in the week before, and for some reason they were calling my name that night.  I came down stairs, ate my dinner, washed the dishes, and prepared to bake these chocolatey treats.  I wasn't planning on doing anything special with these brownies considering we didn't even have frosting in the house.  As my parents and younger sister sat in the living room watching the Olympic Trials, my dad started throwing out some random ideas, some more ambiguous than the others.  "Why not  a brownie in a cupcake in  BIGGER cake?"  "Why not a cupcake with a brownie on top.  Even though he made it pretty obvious I wasn't the only one craving sweets, he did mention that there were some left over white chocolate chips from when he made my mom chocolate strawberries recently.  And thus, came the creation of these brownies!

Prepare both mixes as directed: One egg, 1/3 cup oil, 1/3 water

I used both mixes, but I stirred each batter separately.  I mixed a handful of white chocolate chips in to each batter before pouring it in.  When I poured the first batter into the pan, I added another one or two handfuls on top.  I added the second batter and added more chocolate chips.
I baked it in a glass 13 by 9 pan for 56 minutes and let it cool for 45 minutes.  Even though I didn't get to eat it until about 11pm that night, it was completely worth the wait.  I hope you guys enjoy!  :)

With Love, Chavayla♥

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