Friday, June 29, 2012

Chavayla's Favorite Sites:

Hi guys!  :)

It's a fashion and home decor site mashed all into one.  It's a site where you can practically let your mind go wild with endless clothes and accessories. has become one of my favorite sites in a matter of a few days.  In the quest of finding a cheap Casio G-Shock watch, I found myself on this site multiple times.  I sat down and looked at the site and noticed that members are able to create their collages of fashion and home decor; somewhat like a scrapbook page.  It's fun to play around with, and there are some really   fashion savvy members on the site.  Very simply, you search and save clothing items you like, and then you create a "set" which would incorporate the pieces you want, into a breathtaking look.  Great for those aspiring to stretch their fashion muscles such as myself.  Check out some of my designs as I add them to my Fashion page!  Check this website out!  :)

With Love, Chavayla♥

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