Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Five People I Admire Most

As I start back at blogging once again this summer, I'm making an effort to be a little more creative.  I've learned from experience that reading a blog just about promotions and sales is just flat out boring.

So today, I've decided to reflect on the Five People I Admire Most.

  1. My mommy (yeah I said it, MOMMY!)  I admire the way that she carries herself, and I could only wish to be half of who she is.  Not many people can say they have carried a big headed child for seven months that accidentally throws away sneakers and refuses to eat condiments.
  2. Alicia Keys, also for the same reason. She is so lady-like.  Despite controversy that has surrounded her husband Swizz Beats.
  3. My elementary art school teacher, Ms.Bloom. Despite the continuous budget cuts in our school system, still to this day she teaches.  Not just because she has the job, but because she loves it.  She has a passion for it.  Not only that, but she still keeps in contact with her students, such as myself.  :)
  4. Rosa Parks, I've always had an admiration for Rosa Parks. It takes alot of courage to do what she did, especially if the stakes are as HIGH.  
  5. Myself. Alot of people may find this conceited, but sometimes you have to credit yourself sometimes for what you do.    People forget that sometimes if no one else recognizes you for the good you do, at least you can.  :)
Thanks for reading.  :)


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