Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TUTORIAL: Friendship Bracelets Using a Circle Loom

On Sunday, I sat myself down to learn some new trades.  My mom taught me how to use a sewing machine, I learned how to make a friendship bracelet loom(Circle) from cardboard, and read online on how to make friendship bracelets using that loom.  In today's post, I will cover how to make the loom, and I will include a video on how to make the bracelet.

To make the loom, you will need:
  • Cardboard (sturdy, so it won't bend from the tension of the strings)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Circular Object that can fit the area of your cardboard(optional)
  1. If you have a large piece of cardboard, cut it down to a manageable size.  The article I read suggested a 4 by 4 square, but personally, I cut it down to a size, small enough to be put in my bag, but big enough not be squished(10X8).
  2. Draw a circle on your cardboard (you could use your circular object, but it's not essential) I used an old DVD.
  3. Using the tip of your scissors, punch a hole in the middle of the cardboard circle.  You will slip the bracelet through this hole.
  4. Using your marker, make eight evenly spaced marks around the circumference of the circle, and number one through eight.
  5. Use your scissors to cut slits for each of these marks.
WOOOHHHLAAHHH!  You have your friendship bracelet loom!

How to make friendship bracelets using the loom:

ChavaylaB  :)

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